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Singer/Songwriter/Painter Kristen McNamara ( KMAC ), is the newest up and coming buzz in South Florida, from her live art and singing mixed performances to her musical stories and filmmaking, you're in for a breath of fresh air with a timeless twist.  From her music to her art, you're in for an unforgettably eclectic experience, to say the least. You may recognize her from a few of your favorite television shows, but this rare and personalized act unlike any other around the world, gives you the opportunity to see behind the scenes. If you have a chance, go see a show or be one of the lucky few to own a piece of her unique artwork. Taking a closer look through the eyes of not just an artist, but a true lover of Key West. Kristen brings an authentic experience, usually an intimate yet fun setting everyone is sure to enjoy. After discovering Key West through the Key West Songwriter's Festival in 2010, Kristen fell in love with the people, and heartbeat of the 2 x 4 mile stretch of land 90 miles from Cuba. 

Determined to combine her love of music, art and tropical island life, she decided to claim the island as home. Residing in on the beach with her dog "Truffles" not too far from downtown near the corner of Duval and Caroline where she wrote her popular tune "Duval Street". She fits right in with the locals walking and riding her bike to her gigs. Kristen often writes and records from the island, landing a song she wrote earlier this year in the heart of Key West, on the television show "KillJoys" on SYFY. Making her stamp as a modern Renaissance woman, she has performed in multiple venues and when in Key West you can find her exclusively right on Duval Street at "Halo" at The Saint Hotel. She has art displayed at places like Ocean Key, Sunset Pier, Island Dogs, Rum Bar, The Angelina Guest House, The Caribbean House, and more. Each piece of artwork has a song written by Kristen, to go along with it's story. In 2022 Kristen opened up for Queen's Adam Lambert and is a part of a handful of songwriter's festivals, with a summer packed full of shows! You can follow her journey on YouTube in her Vlog "Once Upon an Island" as well as on Facebook reels, Instagram stories and her vulnerable storytelling TikTok videos that also include acting and comedy. 
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